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At B&D Security we use General Electric newest technology for our alarm systems, accompanied with Alarm.com state of the art home automation

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Remote Home Control & Energy Management Use a smartphone or computer to remotely arm or disarm your security system, lights, temperature and video

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Secure your home through wireless technology. Turn your alarm on and off from your cellular device. No phone line required! Peace of mind

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Why choose us ?

There’s no substitute for having peace of mind that your home and loved ones are protected. We offer 24/7 emergency response, tamper-resistant technology, real-time alerts and remote control via mobile app.

We connect all of your smart devices in one easy to use app, so you stay in control and on top of things at home, wherever you go.

More than the basic learning and fixed schedules you get with a single point device, our Smart Thermostat automatically saves energy without sacrificing comfort. Multi-sensor awareness creates a deeper understanding of your home’s patterns and responsive savings adjusts to real-time information like your location, alarm settings and the weather.

See exactly what you care about. With smart triggers and instant video alerts, you don’t have to be home to see the kids get home from school or when the dog walker arrives or to know what’s happening when the alarm goes off.


FREE APPLE WATCH with state of the art wireless security system installation.

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